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Third DATAFIED joint meeting in Hamburg

From 23 to 24 September, the third joint meeting of the BMBF-funded DATAFIED project took place at the Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg.

The meeting was used for an intensive exchange with the partners of the other participating institutions, the Helmut Schmidt University (HSU), the Georg Eckert Institute Leibniz Institute for International Textbook Research (GEI) and the Leibniz Institute for Educational Research and Information (DIPF).

In addition to the reports of the four subprojects on their current status and the interdisciplinary exchange of participants, this joint meeting was marked by the incipient field survey phase. In the course of the year, the subprojects were able to identify many relevant actors who can now be successively interviewed and researched. The coordination and the exchange of experiences in this regard are of great interest for all participants in order to be able to use synergies at an early stage or to face problems together. The discussion about the research methods used was not neglected either. Last but not least, there was an exchange between the doctoral students on their respective work statuses, and the first exposés could also be presented.

In addition, the personal contact between the scientists is a valuable effect of the quarterly meetings. The informal exchange between the individual TOPs and for dinner or lunch together is a pleasant change and considerably improves inter-institutional cooperation.

The next quarterly meeting is expected to take place in December in Frankfurt am Main at the DIPF.

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