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Kick-off meeting for DATAFIED

From January 17th to 18th the partners of the DATAFIED project assembled for the first quarterly meeting and the official Kick-Off in Bremen.

First look at the joint research project partners from DATAFIED. F. l. t. r.: Jasmin Troeger (GEI), Sieglinde Jornitz (DIP), Sigrid Hartong (HSU), Annekatrin Bock (GEI), Andreas Breiter (ifib), Felicitas Macgilchrist (GEI), Vito Dabisch (HSU), Irina Zakharova (ifib), Angelina Lange (ifib), Juliane Jarke (ifib), Tjark Raabe (ifib), Ben Mayer (DIPF).

The  joint research project is to investigate the effects of progressive digitisation and the associated datafication in the german educational system.

In addition to the coordination and planning of the coming months, the four subprojects were presented in detail. Just as importantly, part of the agenda was getting to know each other personally and exchanging ideas among the individual project members.

The individual subprojects (SP) are dedicated to the investigation of specific sublevels of the educational system in german schools:

  • SP1: Schulaufsicht und Schule (School authorities and school) is devoted to the interface between school authorities and the school. The intention is to identify possible changes in the relations between the organisations, in particular with concern to (external) assessments and consultations.
  • SP2: Schulmanagement- und Schulinformationssysteme(School management and school information systems) analyses the information systems used by the school management. It is investigated how the organisation of schools changes through the use of data and algorithms and to which extent the software developers obtain influence.
  • SP3: Digitale Lernsoftware und Unterricht (Digital learning software and teaching) examines the digital tools used in lectures and analyses the interface between digital learning software and teaching methodologies. They look into how learning software configures certain data practices, educational priorities, and the role of teachers and students.
  • SP4: Lehrkräfte und Schüler*innen im Unterricht (Teachers and students in class) deals with the interface between teachers and students in the classroom. It studies the media use and the related data collection, -surveillance and their analysis, as well as the changing relationships and roles in the classroom.

The coordination of the subprojects takes place at the ifib.

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