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This is the website of the joint project DATAFIED (DATA For and In EDucation), carried out by the Leibniz Institute for Educational Media | Georg Eckert Institut (GEI), the Helmut Schmidt Universität Hamburg (HSU), the Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib), and the Leibniz Institute for Human Development and Educational Information (DIPF). The project started on 01.12.2018 and was successfully completed on 31.05.2022.

In the project, the effects of the advancing digitalization and the accompanying datafication in the school education system were investigated. Datafication here means that data is collected on all processes in the school system that simultaneously influence decision-making and opinion-forming processes of various school stakeholders (such as education policy, school supervision, school boards, teachers or parents). The joint project described these processes of change from four different, interwoven perspectives and analyzed them on the basis of its own empirical studies at four interfaces of the school education system: school supervision and school (subproject 1), school information systems and school management (subproject 2), learning software and teaching (subproject 3) as well as Teachers and students in the classroom (subproject 4). The aim is to describe the formative role of data, to gain insights into role change and professional understanding, and to generate impulses that will support future decisions regarding the design of data practices in the educational system.

More information about the project and subprojects can be found here.
Key findings from the project will be published in a book (expected to be published in November this year), as well as shared back with the project’s practice partners in a virtual workshop. The project’s other publications can be found under Publications