Subproject 1: School authorities and School

SP1 dealt with the relation between school supervision and school management and analysed the specific role of data assemblages and data practices in school development counselling.

Upcoming questions were:

  • In which ways are forms of (digital) data integrated into processes of school development counselling (e.g. in data-based target agreement talks), especially in consideration of data from external evaluation (e.g. school inspection)?
  • How are roles, professional and educational understandings and ideas of “good” school (re)fabricated by (digital) data (instruments)?
  • How is the scope for relevance, interdependence and decision-making of the school supervisory authority and the school (especially the school management) changed by data?

To answer these questions the following project steps have been executed in the subproject

  • Document analysis and evaluation of secondary literature, with a view to reconstructing a) the school supervision structure in the four federal states, b) school development advice as part of school supervision (actor constellation, institutional structure, process flows, etc.), and c) data flows, e.g. between external evaluation and school development advice.
  • Interviews with actors of the school supervisory authorities, with school principals (as well as external advisory actors and teachers, if applicable) on a) concrete data practices/instruments in school development advisory situations, including constitution, visualisation, adressing or questioning of data, and on b) mutual perception with regard to professionalism and ideas of “good” schools. The interviews for the school management (and teachers if applicable) will be prepared together with SP 2-4 and carried out in cooperation.
  • Evaluation of the collected data and integration into the master plan

If you interested in the Integration of the DATAFIED project into further research at HSU Hamburg, have a look here

Prof. Dr. Sigrid Hartong und Vito Dabisch