Subproject 3: Digital learning software and teaching

The subproject digital learning software and teaching studied the digital tools used in teaching and analysed the interface between digital learning software and teaching practice. It was asked how learning software configures certain data practices, educational priorities, and the role of teachers and students.

Jasmin Troeger, Prof. Dr. Feicitas Macgilchrist, Dr. Annekatrin Bock
Interactive map for the manufacturers of digital learning software

In the subproject 3, an interactive map was created showing the locations of the manufacturers of learning software.  The manufacturers were each assigned to a level. This made it possible to differentiate between different learning software depending on the target group and user area.  The selected levels are structured as follows: 

Level 0: Non-Customizable Software
Level 1: Learning Management (LMS)
Level 2: Data Driven Learning with Teacher Decision
Level 3: Data Driven Learning without Teacher Decision 
Level 4: Adaptive Learning 
Level 5: Intelligent Tutor
Level 6: Intelligent Game-Based Learning Environments
Level 7: Cognitive (Deep Learning) System