Subproject 4: Teachers and students in class

Digital media is a huge part of the extracurricular life of students and teachers. As a result, there is a growing need to make them part of the classroom and therefor to integrate them into the classroom environment. Subproject 4 of the DATAFIED joint research project concentrated on the teaching level and investigated the changes in the pedagogical and didactic setting that may be associated with the use of digital media.

The following three questions are of utmost importance in this case.

The three central questions:

  1. What does the use of standardised teaching-learning software imply for the necessary, case-by-case consideration of teachers’ actions and the relations between teachers and students? (Professional theoretical perspective)
  2. When using software products, how does the mediation and appropriation logics change? (Educational and educational theory perspective)
  3. Contributes the use and handling of digital media to the development of a critical-conscious media trade in a sense of media education? (Critical media reflection perspective)

In pursuing these questions, a reconstruction-logical approach was used, which enables an in-depth development of the teaching-learning interaction at one project school per location via recorded lessons.


  1. Eruing of the central places of “digital learning” at the project school and creation of an overview of the technical equipment as well as its use in teaching.
  2. Reconstruction of the pedagogical and didactic settings and exploitation of “software-induced” coping logics in teaching based on class observations and recordings.
  3. Elaboration of types of modified forms of digital teaching and learning.


Dr. Sieglinde Jornitz und Ben Mayer