Information for Schools

Collaboration with the joint research project offers many upsides for the schools, for example:

  • Individual feedback to the project results
  • Provision of the teaching videography’s for teaching reflection (only with the consent of the participants)
  • Participation of school representatives in the planned practical workshops (events with the other project partners of their city to discuss and reflect on the results)
  • Within the framework of the competencies of the participating research institutions, we are pleased to support your school individually with questions regarding digitization. On request, we can, for example, give a lecture as part of an internal school training course, provide materials and contacts on various topics, present apps and tools or provide support in working on the media concept.

Furthermore, the results and the contribution will have additional positive effects:

  • Both the BMBF and the Kultusministerkonferenz have firmly anchored the increasing digitisation of the school system in their strategy papers. Participation in the joint project records the school’s efforts in this area and demonstrates the efforts that are needed here.
  • Within the framework of the upcoming “DigitalPakt”, the participation in the research project can be seen as a positive signal to the funding agency and thus be a favourable factor for the release of funding
  • The results of the project can be applied to make statements on the acceptance and problems of the current digitisation efforts.
  • The knowledge gained within the framework of the joint research project may be presented to a broad mass of schools as best-practice approaches.