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From November 26 to 28, 2019, the doctoral students* of the DATAFIED project met in tranquil Braunschweig for methodological training in a workshop. On the first day the focus was on the art of reading and writing strategies. Guided by Dr. Sven Arnold, the participants gained valuable insights into the subject matter, so that the skills they had acquired so far could be reflected and optimized in this area.

Participants of the Workshop: Vito Dabisch, Tjark Raabe, Jasmin Tröger, Irina Zakharova, Ben Mayer (f. l. t. r.)

The second day was devoted to text analysis. In this context, the theoretical approach of the so-called Rich-Point-Analysis was presented, which we were able to apply practically afterwards. As a research group, the participants analyzed class observations under the guidance of Barbara Christophe.

The workshop ended in the evening of the 2nd day. All participants found it interesting and helpful to receive further and more detailed information on the topic of reading and writing strategies and rich point analysis.  


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